Lamb and condoms big silly season sellers

By Aroha Treacher

Lamb, pet accessories and condoms are among the big holiday sellers this year according to Foodstuffs.

Across all supermarkets lamb is topping the Christmas list this year, selling an estimated 260,000 kg of it in the North Island alone, with chicken sales coming in at a close second.

Christmas ham is still popular, but the public are indulging less.

"A lot of people are choosing to go for half a ham these days as opposed to the whole ham which is a bit surprising," says Allen.

Other popular food items for the Christmas table are the kiwi dessert classics of cream and ready-made custard.

"It's a popular item on the Christmas table, custard," says Allen, "and before Christmas turns up it normally sells out a day or two before- not here at Pak n Save, obviously, we'll make sure we have plenty of it here for everyone to come and get." 

Despite the Christmas feasting kiwis are showing a growing interest in fitness foods and products.

In 2017 products with protein sold almost 50 percent more than 2016 and paleo products increased by 65 percent.

The lead up to the new year sees attention turn from eating to other activities.

"Believe it or not more condoms are sold in the week leading up to New Years than any other week of the year," explains Ben Allen, customer experience at Pak n Save in Hastings.