Labour Māori caucus criticise TVNZ survey

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Labour Maori caucus have hit out against a survey by TVNZ stating that one question is leading and bias against Māori. The survey called 'Kiwimeter' includes a question asking participants if they think 'Māori get special treatment'.

MP Kelvin Davis is appalled at TVNZ's Kiwimeter survey saying it incites racism.

Davis says, “There's a difference between a difficult question and a racist one. This is a racist question.”

The question, in question. Kiwimeter asks participants if they think Māori get special rights. Davis says this is wrong.

“I remember what Don Brash said about us as Māori. In my opinion, TVNZ must remove this question from its survey.”

Danny Osborne one of the academic advisers that put together the survey says there were other questions that balanced out that question, and taken in isolation some questions would appear bias. 

“This is not a research question but more about belittling Māori.”

Pushed by TVNZ in this special video, the Human Rights Commission said Kiwimeter demonstrated a clear bias against Māori.

In a statement to Te Kāea, TVNZ says Kiwimeter sets out to facilitate a conversation not advocate a position.  Asking a question does not mean we are taking a position either way.