Koi Boys not so coy on Jessie J

Popular kiwi trio ‘The Koi Boys’ have tonight been voted off ‘The Voice Australia’ competition, however, despite the disappointing result, the boys were still happy with their final performance and spoke to our Australian Correspondent Mātai Smith.

Nuz Ngatai says, “We knew we did a good performance and that’s all that we wanted to make sure that we did. We didn’t want to do a bad performance and then get off. We actually did a good performance and so the burden was off us to actually justify why we weren’t there at all. So it was kind of more put on Jessie J for that because she’s the one that made the decision.

She had this ability to be very brutal and very honest and that’s something that we probably needed at that very point in time. At first, it was a little bit hard for us to process that because we've never been challenged or been told, just do this."

Te Kāea will have an exclusive announcement from the Koi Boys tomorrow night at 5:30.

The Voice footage courtesy of Nine Network and Shine Australia