Keeping baby safe this festive season

By Online News - Rereātea

Now that the festive season is finally here and with many families traveling all over the country, it is important that those with babies always have a safe place for baby to sleep.

According to Bay of Plenty District Health Board, in the first year of a baby’s life, makeshift beds while on holiday pose a risk of suffocation. Putting a plan in place beforehand to ensure a safekeeping sleeping zone for your baby can and will save their life.

To keep babies safe during sleep, always follow these simple rules:

  • PLACE baby in his or her own bed, face clear of loose bedding and NO pillows, hats, bibs and soft toys.
  • ELIMINATE exposure to smoking, alcohol and drug use, and have a smoke-free family, home and car.
  • POSITION baby flat and on the back as their drive to breathe is best this way.
  • ENCOURAGE and support Mum to breastfeed so baby will be strong.

With the silly season comes a lot of festivities with friends and family, therefore the Board suggests parents with babies who like to participate in the festivities to either stay sober or provide their baby with a sober caregiver.

The Health District Board also say covering the car seat and the pram to avoid sun peeking in either while driving or out on a stroll can be quite dangerous in the hot weather as it can cause overheating, reduce airflow and can make it difficult for baby to breathe.

To protect baby from the sun, cover them up with light cotton clothing and a light wrap and keep them in a cool and shaded area on hot days.

Never leave babies and young children sleeping in a parked car. Light from the sun passes through the windows and heats up materials in the car that radiate heat which can quickly overheat a sleeping child.