Kapa haka exponents combine talent

By Te Kāea

A plethora of skill sets unique to the kapa haka stage have been intertwined to in essence crate a unique album.

Supported by the Māori broadcasting funding agency, Te Māngai Pāho, the self-titled debut album – ‘MANEA’ – is a collection of 10 Māori language songs by Amomai Pihama (producer, lyricist and lead vocals), Selwyn Tepania (melody composer and lyricist), Hemi Peke (lyricist and lead vocals), Atarangi Putamainu (lyricist and support vocals) and Ani-Piki Tuari (melody arranger and support vocals).

Amomai says the contemporary tunes on ‘MANEA’ with be a source of new material for the iwi radio network and their listeners. It is also hoped that the songs will have an even wider appeal beyond Māori radio to audiences worldwide with an appetite for well-crafted Māori language music.

“Our music speaks openly and honestly about the different facets of life – from love to overcoming adversity to simple pleasures such as a good night out with friends,” explains Amomai. “The intention is to make music that appeals to many different people by providing something for them to relate to.”

The Manea debut album is now available for purchase on iTunes, and will be available in all good record stores on Monday.