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Iwi still keen on social housing plans despite red tape

updated By Aroha Treacher
Māori still keen on social housing plans

While the Govt is going through its big state housing sell-off, it begs the question of what is replacing those houses, and that's where social housing comes in.

Kahungunu Chair Ngahiwi Tomoana says, "One of the difficulties with this funding is dealing with the local councils and all the red tape. That's putting a stop to the dreams of our whānau and hapū."

But developing social housing for their people is something Ngāti Pārau in Waiohiki is keen to do, with this eight-house marae complex in the pipeline.

But it's not all smooth sailing, as local government bureaucracy has made it difficult for some social housing projects being built on Māori-owned land, to get the green light.

While transferring state housing to iwi has been floated, nothing is set in stone, so over the next six months, the Govt is developing its own entity to work with social housing providers to better meet demand.