Islamic followers concerned of backlash after Sydney siege

By Te Kāea

Some Islamic followers are concerned with what some people think of their religion. Te Rata Hikairo who's Muslim says that they're not terrorists.

This Islamic follower is disheartened by the amount of people who disapprove of his beliefs.

“We're concerned with the amount of people who are angry at us, but we're not terrorists,” Hikairo explains.

“If I was to speak about my beliefs, 10 to 100 people will think I'm a liar,” says Hikairo.

Hikairo believes Man Haron Monis broke the faith.

However Prime Minister John Key is enforcing the Anti-terrorist law in the country which leaves some innocent followers of the religion paranoid that they'll be monitored but that isn't true.

John Key says, “There are 30 to 40 people that I think present some form of risk to New Zealand. There’s, not all of them looking to undertake domestic terror threats, some of them are looking to travel to the Middle East some looking to finance the likes of ISIS.”

Hikairo is praying for a bright future for his religion.

Hikairo will continue on practising Islamic religion and teach others that their not terrorist but believe in peace.