Topic: Elections

Internet Party likely to shake hands with Mana

By Maiki Sherman

It seems a Mana and Internet Party alliance is likely as this year's general elections draws near following Kim Dotcom's address to the members of Mana at their AGM in Rotorua.

In recent times Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira have met to discuss the possibility of working together, that caused friction within Mana and essentially there were a number of questions.

Kim Dotcom’s first priority was to quash the notion that he a millionaire had no correlation with those in low socio economic situations.

Members had ample time to ask questions and there was one all important question on everyone's lips

Mana says money is not leading the discussions but Hone Haraiwra agrees the Internet Party would be opening its wallet a lot more than them

Hone Harawira says he hopes Annette Sykes will be first on the party list if a coalition was to happen but that’s a path Mana would not be deciding on today.