He Momo - Marae step up to support communities

By Oriini Kaipara

Homelessness and the recent North Canterbury earthquake were two of the biggest crisis to hit New Zealand this year. 

While the government drew criticism for not doing enough, several marae around the country stepped up and came to the aid of the masses. 

Te Puea Marae provided shelter for three months to families left homeless in Auckland.

If it wasn't for the marae 174 would not have been fed, 45 families would not have received new homes.

As one door shut another opened over at Manurewa Marae.

More than 100 families received support. However the Social Housing Minister refused to provide financial aid for any marae.

The issue became a political football as the government lagged with any type of support

Down in the south island Takahanga Marae rose to the occasion following the massive earthquake that cut off Kaikōura for six weeks.

Hundreds of people lined up for help in the first week. The marae was the only place providing shelter at the time.

By the second week help arrived. Nearly a thousand members of defence forces from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America came to the rescue.

But they had the utmost respect for the local iwi.