Hawaiian manuhiri aim to share and gain knowledge in education summit

By Te Kāea

Distinguished guests from Hawai’i, including Hokule’a crew members, Hawaiian language teachers and Government representatives will visit (AUT) Auckland University of Technology today.

The visit is a poignant moment for Hawaii's education leaders who have travelled to Aotearoa to take part in an education summit.

The summit will examine how the outlook of the navigator, caring for our environment, and other key principles of the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage can be brought to life in the classroom.  

Tommorrow it is also expected that up to 2,000 primarily Māori and Pasifika students from Manaiakalani School Cluster will put on a display of traditional Māori elements such as a Waiata Tira, a Mihi, Korero and a Hangi  for the Hokule’a crew members and educators which will  be followed by a tour of the schools' technology program and pioneering efforts to blend indigenous wisdom and STEM education.