Green Party criticises Government over exporting live sheep

The Green Party has criticised the Government over plans to export 50,000 live sheep to Mexico.

Green Party co- leader, James Shaw says it highlights massive inconsistencies in the Government’s animal export policy.

He says “The Government’s live animal export policy is a farce and is currently in tatters. Decisions seem to be based on favours rather than rules.”

Animal Welfare groups have also expressed extreme concern over plans to export the sheep on a ship in a journey that will take at least two weeks, which is expected to depart New Zealand today.

Shaw says, ”They are cramming 50,000 sheep into potentially unsafe conditions on a two week boat trip to Mexico. It is just not believable that these 50,000 can all be looked after humanely over the two weeks of the trip. And it would be impossible for the Government to verify that no sheep are slaughtered when they disembark.”

The Greens say the Government needs to uphold the live sheep export ban and apply it consistently to every country.