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Food industry consultation review underway

updated By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa
Ministry of Primary Industries

The new regulations under the Food Act 2014 are now open for consultation through Ministry for Primary Industries. 

The objective is to ensure the regulations are suitable for those people within the food industry to get involved in the consultation process.

FOMA CEO, Horipo Karaitiana says, "This has a huge impact on Māori in business of food production and it’s about time new regulations are set in law."

Mr Karaitiana says the primary sector is big business and Māori are leading food production with well over a billion dollars in annual profit. 

“Māori have an important part to play in New Zealand primary industry. We are growing in terms of our export and it's great to have Māori at the leading edge of primary export in New Zealand,” says Mr Karaitiana.

FOMA is encouraging Māori businesses to participate in the consultation process for food safety regulations.

The Food Safety Act remained the same for the past 34 years, and the new Food Safety Act was passed just last year.

Karaitiana says, “It's essential that they be updated, particularly for that global context demanding safe food safe and government taking responsibility around regulation to ensure that there are frameworks in place to ensure that there is safe food.”

The new food safety regulations will come into force next year.

People interested in making submissions or viewing the consultation document, click here.  Consultation will remain open until 31 March 2015.