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Fashion on show at Boxing Day Races

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The annual Ellerslie Boxing Day Races is an event that brings people from across the world. Not just to place a bid on a horse, but to take a glimpse at horse racing fashion trends. It's not just big hats and colourful dresses on display,boys are giving it a go too.

It's one of the most important dates on the social calendar.Some planning their outfit a whole year ahead.

Last year it was all about colour, but this year it's about the patterns.

TV Personality Suzanne Paul says, “I think the floral head band thing is very big for the summer, they're all wearing those and I love the jump suits I think if you haven't got the legs for it go for the long jump suit, but if you've got the legs for it, like me, you can go for the short jump suits.”

It's not just the women taking centre stage, the boys are getting involved too.

This year's races have been a lot more competitive compared to last year. Head judge Lulu Wilcox is looking for attention to detail.

She says, “Grace, deportment and grooming, grooming is a real big factor in this, from makeup hair, down to nails, I don't want see any chipped nails.”

The winner this year will receive $30,000 and the title of best dressed.