Topic: Housing

Family scared for home after rental property increase

By Ripeka Timutimu

Caroline lives in state house with her husband and mokopuna, Te Wai.

Last week, her rent went from $277 to $354 per week, its new current market rent which the family is struggling to pay.

According to Caroline, “MSD turns around and says to me, pay it or get out.”

Trying to make ends meet are proving too difficult for the family.

Caroline says, “If he (her husband) doesn’t work overtime, his bring home wage is only $1400, so after paying the rent and other bills paid, who's going to feed us?

Who's going to give us money for petrol for him to go back to work.”

As well as financial problems the current state of the house has also started to affect the family’s health which is also becoming a concern.

When Te Kāea approached Housing NZ today, they issued an apology to the family, as their records showed an application for income-tested rent was not processed.

They will also be arranging for maintenance issues to be addressed.