Family loses homestead to finance company

By Heeni Brown

A Taranaki whānau have been ordered to clear out of their Ōtakeho home for defaulting on a loan they took out with a finance company over a decade ago, the family say they've been left with a loan debt for another loan they say they never received and today the repayment was their family homestead.

Photos presented to Te Kāea speak for themselves of a house rich with whānau history. Now it's at the centre of a financial scuffle.

John Pine and his wife Rubina haven't had the best of luck over the past decade. In the early 2000s they got into trouble when they sought to borrow $36,000 from Cambridge mortgage broker Miles McKelvy and accidentally signed over their house. They say they never received the money and the mortgage broker was later prosecuted, but the Pines were left with a loan to pay, so in 2004 they refinanced with ASL Mortgages Ltd to save their home.

John and Rubina say they have paid the debt owed to ASL Mortgages Ltd, but are waiting for a reponse to any other outstanding debts so they can clear that too.

Since Tuesday this week a security guard had been watching the house closely, but as soon as we arrived he left. Today the whanau were issued with an eviction notice by ASL Mortgages stating they were preparing to sell the house.  

Te Kāea made contact with ASL mortgages limited they referred Te Kāea onto their lawyers, Harkness Henry Lawyers, who issued the document instructing John and Rubina to vacate their home.

The couple have nine grandchildren and said they will do what they can to keep their family homestead around for them.