Erima Henare dismisses claim Ngāpuhi want to overthrow Māori King

By Te Kāea

A prominent figure of Ngāpuhi, Erima Henare has dismissed a recent press release issued by David Rankin claiming Ngāpuhi would be meeting to discuss overthrowing the Māori King and the King Movement.

Erima Henare told Te Kāea,”no discussions of the sort have taken place between Te Tai Tokerau leadership and that these claims are groundless.”

The press release issued by Rankin who is no stranger to controversy was scathing of the Kingitanga movement. It also heavily criticised King Tuheitia and his advisors, stating Ngāpuhi as well as other Iwi leaders from around the country would be meeting to discuss "the future of the King Movement" at the end of the year.

Mr Henare says,"It needs to be remembered that King Tuheitia is a descendant of Rahiri and other tribes of Northland so this is not an issue to be taken lightly by those seeking publicity.”