Duo success goes viral

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Dani and Lizzy have been writing music for years as a hobby, but didn't get noticed until they uploaded a song called Dancing in the Sky on Facebook.

According to Lizzy, “When I put it up on Facebook, I didn't even put my name on it, then soon after the amount of shares and likes I realised I needed to get it up on YouTube, I never thought it would take off like it did.”

Sister Dani says fame has come so suddenly, “It's just crazy, we have a ton of fans now so we're kind of on the world stage finally and it was all due to the song, Dancing in the Sky."

They were noticed by big time Canadian music producer, Alonzo from Gisto Production.

Gisto believes, “the girls are so talented and to be a part of their writing team and Gisto Productions has been so exciting.”

The sisters are set to release an album next year.