Drastic change needed to boost unemployment statistics

The number of unemployed and those uncertain of employment security has grown in New Zealand according to recent research released at a meeting held by Te Kauwae Kaimahi.

According to Syd Keepa the groups Māori representative the statistics will only get worse if the current Government continues to reign after the next general election.

This year’s annual Te Kauwae Kaimahi meeting looked at the many issues facing over 275 thousand active union members and one specific issue impacting on them negatively was identified.

The group claims that profits are the core focus of many organisationsand now and the health and safety of  employees has taken a back seat.

Mr Keepa says the Government has chosen to ignore the needs of employees and focus instead on big business and money.

Te Kauwae Kaimahi believes there is also a responsibility on Iwi to help improve the situation as they increase investment portfolios especially in the area of forestry/

They believe it is imperative for Iwi organisations to be aware of the impact the top table decisions are having on their own people and keep in mind what their own people have to offer the ventures they take on..