Topic: Politics

Don’t tax farmers says National and Mana electoral candidates

By Kawekōrero, Kayne Ngātokowhā Peters

Two candidates campaigning in general seats say farmers should not be taxed over water and pollution.

National Party candidate for Christchurch East Joanna Hayes and Mana Party candidate for Mangere James Papali’i both agreed on the issue in an interview with Kawekōrero Reporters.

This comes a day after protestors took to the streets in Morrinsville to condemn the Labour and Greens’ proposed water and pollution charges.

Hayes says, “Farmers are actually already having a lot of costs themselves. They are fencing off the waterways. We’ve got thousands and thousands of kilometres of fences that have fenced off the waterways.”

“Farmers aren’t there to pollute the streams. They might’ve been back in the 1900’s but they’re not there to do that.”

She says, “What about the rivers that are in the cities like the Avon, the Heathecote. Farmers never polluted those. What about the Mangere Estuary?”

Papali’i says, “You tax the farmers, they put up the meat prices and our people in Mangere and Otara suffer.”

He says polluted waterways is an issue the whole country needs to address, not just farmers.