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"Don't come to NZ!" - MP Kelvin Davis on Chris Brown entry to NZ

By Ripeka Timutimu

Anti-domestic violence MP Kelvin Davis says New Zealand should shut our doors to American popstar, Chris Brown.

Kelvin Davis says, “Despite a person's fame, if he's a woman beater, he should stay home.”

Brown was convicted in 2009 of assaulting and threatening to kill his then-girlfriend, Rihanna.  He was sentenced to five years’ probation.

Four months ago, Davis walked from Auckland to Cape Reinga to protest against domestic violence.  He says if Brown were to be allowed in, it would be a backward step for our country.

“Chris Brown isn't a good example to follow or to watch.  It's better to go to concerts and watch artists who don't hit women,” says Davis.

Immigration NZ has confirmed they haven't yet received any application from the singer to travel to New Zealand.  But with Australia making it clear they didn't want him there, things aren't looking too good for Brown.

“Don't come to NZ!  We don't want that type of person to be a role model for young Māori,” says Davis.

Chris Brown concerts have been advertised for December 18 in Auckland.  But we'll have to wait and see if Brown makes it on stage.