Topic: Crime

Derek Fox stands by his statement despite criticism

By Heeni Brown

Derek Fox continues to stand by his statement and has responded to criticism he has fielded following his comments on social media site Facebook on yesterday's terrorist attack in Paris.

Fox is a veteran broadcaster and former Māori Party candidate and says he sympathises with the 12 people who lost their lives, but believes people should not be surprised at what happened.

Mr Fox continues to say, “They actually knew that some people were thinking about this, and yet they still continued to belittle, degrade, and diminish Muslims.”

While Mr Fox may have been a past candidate for the Māori Party, the Māori Party is distancing themselves from Fox's comments.  Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox has come out condemning the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Here in NZ, a group of three Frenchman from Paris are currently working on a television series called 360 Travel. They can only feel for their country as they participate in an official three days of mourning.

According to reports, police are still searching for two brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi who are believed to have shot and killed 12 people yesterday.  While the third person involved Hamyd Mourad, has already given himself up to local authorities.