Cyclone Evan devastates Islands

Some fear Evan could be more devastating than Cyclone Kina which killed 23 and left thousands homeless in 1993. Weather experts predict Cyclone Evan could be as bad as it gets Fiji has mobilised emergency response teams, 300 disaster relief centres, the police and military are also prepared. Prime Minister John Key has pledged support which includes financial assistance.

Cyclone Evan tore through Samoa the past few days and its presence has now been felt in Fiji with winds gusting up to 185 kilometres. The Island nation’s western side was reported to have been the worst hit initially before the cyclone moved to Nadi at around 3pm this afternoon.

Flights in and out of Nadi have been cancelled and there’s been flooding in the north, there are also fears for Fiji’s lower lying islands in the west and 2700 tourists have been relocated from the outer islands to the mainland.

Samoa is now in clean up mode after Evan made its presence known there, Paraone Tai Tin of Ngati Hine and Samoan descent had his fears alleviated after finally managing to contact his father over the phone and internet.

Mr Tai Tin says “some of our family are now homeless due to the wind damage and flooding but some parts of the island managed to escape the brunt of the damage caused”.

Despite the devastation in Samoa caused by the 2009 tsunami, Evan appears to have caused much more widespread damage. Four people so far have been reported dead and over 4000 are homeless. Cyclone Evan is set to reach Category 5 strength and Fiji has curfew set for the entire day.