Community celebrate 50th birthday of Te Puea Marae

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

An event at Te Puea Marae brought the whole community together to remember and celebrate one of Tainui's great leaders Te Puea Herangi.

It's also the marae's 50th year of nurturing and fulfilling the dreams of those who built her.

Te Kanga Skipper says, “We remember those who have passed, like Te Puea, who I had the pleasure of holding hands with when I was a child growing up in this community.”

Whati Ratu says, “It's encouraging to see the young ones here, giving life to our marae and supporting this event, which is exactly why we want to these events.”

Fifty years of ups and downs, however it appears that the future of the marae in the next fifty years appears to be in good hands.

“It's a chance for us to look ahead, and hopefully we are in the right direction in regards to looking after our marae, and upholding the teachings left behind by our elders,” says Skipper.

Ratu says, “The future is in the hands of our young ones now. We must carry the dreams and aspirations of our elders of the past, and take their teachings with us into the future.”

The Māngere Bridge community have come together in celebration, to entertain, to meet new people and form new friendships, fulfilling that vision of those who built this marae.