CFRT issues disrupt Ngāpuhi claims

By Maiki Sherman

Hundreds of Treaty of Waitangi claimants from the Ngāpuhi tribe are having their claims disrupted because of disagreements solely within the Crown Forestry Rental Trust.

The role of the trust is to distribute money received from Crown Forestry Rental fees to claimants with crown forest lands as part of their claim, assisting in the preparation and progression of those claims.

However, according to the feature report by our political reporter, Maiki Sherman, the trust has been at loggerheads for a year now, with Northland tribe Ngāpuhi bearing the brunt.

While Ngāpuhi is focused on its journey to settling it’s grievances with the Crown. It hasn't all been smooth sailing, with the iwi claiming the Crown Forestry Rental Trust (CFRT) is at the very core of the problems that have arisen in it’s journey.