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Bright future ahead for online haka sensation Levi Tairi

updated By Wepiha Te Kanawa

3-year-old Levi Tairi is melting the hearts of millions both here and overseas after a video of him performing the haka went viral on the internet.

He has also been picked up and featured on UK and American YouTube channels.

Levi’s brilliance has been recognised the world over and the focus now is turning to what lies ahead for the talented young boy.  

His grandmother who inspired the haka clip of Levi’s that went viral has some ideas about the next stage she would like to see her grandson on.

Yvone Vartiainen says,“I was looking at one of the programme on the tv Ellen's show, that show is the biggest show in America. I said I wouldn't mind writing a letter to her.”

Levi's family noticed his special talent during his great-grandmother's 81st birthday.

His father Jerome of Ngāti Koroki says,“He wanted to wish her a happy birthday, he loves the haka and he loves to do it whenever he gets the chance, so we did a video for her and put it up on Facebook and that’s where it sort of all started.”

Yvone says, “I like the part when he says that’s for you Nana, it was really amazing, it was the most beautiful part of the night was him doing that haka, it was lovely.”

The daycare centre Levi attends is where he developed his love for kapa haka.

Media agencies and YouTube channels from overseas contacted Levi because of his videos.

Jerome says, “The views just shot up, the same with Buzz Feed they contacted us to put up a story on Buzz Feed that was awesome as well, views continues to go up and then UNILAD contacted us and they've got 5 and a half million likes I think.”

Now Levi and his family hope that Ellen DeGeneres will invite him on to her show, until then Levi will continue to perfect his haka.