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Bootleggers sell Mount Zion

Te Kāea has been informed that two men have been attempting to sell copies of the film in the Auckland suburb of Avondale.

We were contacted by people who say they were being approached by two men asking if they wanted to buy a copy. One of the men told an informant that Mt Zion was the top selling movie today.

The men were reported to have been drving a white Honda with tinted windows. One wearing a blue NRL Jersey, the other a purple and yellow NBA singlet.

When Te Kāea contacted the films producer Te Arepa Kahi today he was shocked to hear the news, in fact he didn’t believe it. The information has now been passed over including the location, identity and the number plate of the car the two men were driving.

In 2010 copies of the movie Boy were also sold illegally from Waihau Bay where the movie was made. At the time, producer Taika Waititi told media he felt absolutely let down that people would steal his film to make money from it.

A media screening of  Mt Zion was held last night so copyright experts say if someone filmed the screen at the time they’d have to have turned it around fairly quickly to be on selling it the next day.

The films producers are talking with police and assisting in trying to track down the offenders. The penalty for piracy could see offenders facing up to five years in prison or a fine of up to $10,000 for every pirated copy sold.

Reporter:  Rahia Timutimu