Beachgoers urged to heed safety precautions

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Surf Life Saving NZ is encouraging beachgoers to swim between the flags, this comes after the death of a 16-year-old boy who was washed up on 90 Mile Beach north of Hukatere. This brings the drowning-death toll to five over the festive season.

It's the place to be this summer, but a fun day out with the family can turn horribly wrong.

Surf Lifesaver David Butt says, “when it comes to drowning there two things that will often cause a drowning, its over estimation of your own ability and the under estimation of the conditions.”

David Butt from Surf Life Saving says it's been a particularly busy time for them, which was highlighted by the death of Jarod Lineses a 16-year-old boy on 90 Mile Beach.

He says, “A number of these deaths have occurred outside of the flags, and life guards have obviopusly gone to the aid of these people but when there down the beach sometimes it takes us a little bit of time to get here, and sometimes we cant stop that from happening.”

At North Shore's Long Bay, Atalili and his family are well aware of water safety.

Atalili Atalili says, “we all love the water but i guess just that little bit of knowledge, just that simple make sure your kids are supervised and just know where you limits are out in the water.”

So if you are out in the water this summer, make sure to swim between the flags or have a chat to the life guards.