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Auckland multi-ethnic choir to celebrate International Peace Day

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

More than 50 indigenous cultures from all over Auckland have come together to form a multi-ethnic choir in celebration of International Peace Day which kicks off next week. 

The Auckland Choir will open a global broadcast for the United Nations 35th International Day of Peace, which will play out on Monday. 

They have come together to show the world how New Zealand is a multi-cultural country living in peace.

Evelyn Titore-Reid (Ngāpuhi, Ngātihau) syas, "I'm very pleased I came to sing.  I spoke with my fellow students at school about it.  They applauded me for doing my bit for world peace."

Organiser Will Ilolahia says, "It was raised by some of the other executives around the world that New Zealand seems to have a tolerance towards different people, so this is the reason why we've put this choir together."

Rephrasing the famous John Lennon song, choir organisers hope to highlight the plight of Syrian refugees due to arrive here next January, with many among the group having experienced the terrors of war.

Remy Bucumi (Burundi, Africa) says, "I grew up outside my country as a refugee until I came here in New Zealand for re-settlement, so it was something very important for me to be part of it, to contribute to Peace Day."

Singer Aaliyah Tuimalatu says, "I think it's really good so the war can stop and we can all come in peace."

Another singer Troy Korewha says, "I think it's good 'cos [sic] we're making the audience help world peace and help everyone to survive."