Topic: Teina Pora

Appeal granted for Teina Pora

By Aroha Treacher

Teina Pora was first convicted in 1994 for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett after confessing to the crime, but when DNA evidence linked Burdett to serial rapist Malcolm Rewa, Pora was retried and convicted in 2000, now he'll get a third chance thanks to this mornings announcement.

Two of the five grounds of appeal only will be considered by the Privy Council, the first being:

That his confession to police was false, the way it was obtained by the police and all the circumstances around it.

The second is that evidence suggesting Malcolm Rewa would never have had a second person present during the rape, was not allowed to be presented during his trial.

Pora gave confession during a four day questioning without a lawyer.

Four years ago private investigator Tim McKinnell came onto the scene and since then a lot of interest has been generated into the case. So much so that arrangements will be made to have a livestream from the hearing in London.

The judicial committee of the Privy Council will now have to decide whether it will admit and consider the fresh evidence, and determine whether a substantial miscarriage of justice was caused, a hearing that could be heard this October.