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ANZAC Day 2017 News Bytes - 4:30pm

By Online News - Rereātea, Piripi Taylor

Te Kāea brings you the latest news for ANZAC Day 2017 as we cross live to the remembrance ceremonies taking place across the country.

Around 600 people gathered for the annual memorial service at the Turkish Peninsula where the armies waged a deadly campaign.  More than 17,000 New Zealand soldiers fought, and 2700 died.  Close to 5000 were wounded.  Minister of Justice Amy Adams acknowledge the 26,000 Australian who suffered at New Zealand's side. 

The New Zealand government is planning to send $750,000 to bring the bodies and their dependents buried in Singapore and Malaysia in the war known as the Malayan Emergency back to NZ.  

Hemana Waaka serviced in the Malayan Emergency War between the years of 1966 to 67.  For three years his group Te Paraeroa a Tūmatauenga have been fighting the government to bring the bodies of those who died over there back to NZ.  A meeting for the families of those solders will be held next month.  

To Northland, where for 60 years the war memorial on Parihaka has stood lonely due to the angst of local Maori to the unauthorised way in which it was erected. But now that bad feeling has been cleared.

To Perth, Western Australia where the local Māori community banded together to raise awareness around suicide and men's mental health.

Around 200 people attended ANZAC Day Haka For Life in King's Park which organiser, Leon Ruri says was held today to signify a new battlefront for Māori men which they say is in mental health.  Today's haka was about shattering the culture of silence being perpetuated by Māori men.