Topic: Waitangi

Anti-mining hikoi responds to PM's invitation

By Harata Brown

On the day the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, the trek undertaken by the Hikoi, opposing Oil Drilling and Toxic Mining, which started from Te Rerenga Wairua was completed at Waitangi. Although the Prime Minister invited one speaker from the group to Wellington, to discuss issues around their exploration schedule, their response resonated in their final leg today.

Each year, many political issues are discussed at Waitangi, Taurangatira hosted those wanting to express their concerns at a forum today.

Although rain fell, Taurangatira was the final departure point for the Hikoi, which opposes oil exploration and mining, they say for the betterment of the environment, for the next generation

From Cape Reinga, to Waitangi, to the Meeting House of Ngāpuhi, this is the final leg for the Hikoi, and although the Prime Minister invited a member of the group to discuss oil exploration with him in Wellington it seems the invitation may not be taken up after discussion with other members of the hikoi.

Many people and different environmental groups participated in the hikoi, and one supporterdescribed the group as,  “protectors not protestors.”

Oil Company Anadarko has pulled out of exploratory plans in the Taranaki Basin. Talks of unity and a united front today about the issue, some say may see the tide turn for Oil Company, Statoil, who's been granted a 15 year permit to explore for oil in the Te Reinga Basin.