Another rise in petrol prices hits the pocket

By Aroha Treacher

Pain at the pump, as yet another petrol price increase sees more hard earned Kiwi dollars handed to the Govt in their second round of petrol tax increases.

Today petrol prices have gone up 3c per litre.

It's all part of the Govt's revenue raising to develop more roading infrastructure, but for most people, another expense is the last thing they need.

It's likely the average petrol-car driver will only be a further $27 out of pocket per year.

Diesel drivers will be worse hit with road user charges also increasing, causing the average owner to pay an extra $60 a year.

Research shows business is booming for those stations offering sweeteners in the form of petrol discount schemes.

While consumers crunch the numbers, it's all about getting more bang for your buck. 

Something that may see commuters taking more advantage of public transport nationwide, or getting back to basics by beating the pavements.