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Aboriginal leader looks to Māori for inspiration

By Taroi Black

Indigenous rights advocate Sam Cook is in NZ looking at social housing and health models that benefit Māori communities.

The SOS Blak Australia founder is in Auckland alongside Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox to highlight the current situation with the WA Government's closure of remote communities, and to extend her gratitude for the on-going support from Māori.

Over the weekend a rolling campaign across the globe to fight the closure of 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia continued.

On Friday in Brisbane, thousands closed off the streets and in Melbourne one woman was arrested at a rally. The message against forced closure was also heard in Germany.

“We have communities that have been shut down and bulldozed. What that means is there is no plans at the back end of this closure,” says Ms Cook.

So far up to 20,000 Indigenous community members have been displaced from their communities.

The Australian Government will be looking at ways to help ease the crisis as more and more Aboriginal families are left without homes.