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Vodafone NZ Music Awards

Māori Television reports on Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, and other stories related to New Zealand Music.

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Tunes of I take front and centre

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Wellington-based dub-rocker band Tunes of I have left a mark on the Australasian music circuit. The band recently signed with Australia based, 123 Agency after a tour with world-class dub band Ocean Alley.


Music from the Heart

By Taroi Black

Hundreds of kids in Ōtara have been given a positive life change under a musical educational programme Sistema Aotearoa.  Leading their musical path is one of NZ's successful violinist Jess Hindin.


Music cured my anxiety

By Aroha Awarau

Michael Luke, aka Mikey Dam, moved from Palmerston North to Auckland to chase his musical dreams.  But the bright lights and the pressure to succeed become too overwhelming.