Tekau-mā-rua waiting to be finalised

By Heeni Brown

The Tekau-mā-rua advise where appropriate and represent the King on key kaupapa whether it be social, cultural, economic, spiritual or political affecting Māori development.

According to Sir Toby Curtis today, speaking from his investiture, “If a problem does arise, it's up to the Tekau-mā-rua who are chosen from iwi, to support all Māori and support the King”

Members to represent The Kōhanga Reo, Māori Womens Welfare League and The Māori Council have not yet been put forward.

But Hemana Manuera has been chosen as chair, along with members Pou Temara, Che Wilson, Te Kahautu Maxwell, Sir Toby Curtis, Morehu Ngatoko and Erima Henare.

Two women put in the ranks are Mereiwa Broughton and Dame June Mariu.

“In times of old they were all male, but the King wanted to an equal representation between women and men on the Council” noted Te Kahautu Maxwell.

According to the Kings Office, King Tūheitia will formally accept their appointments once their mandates to serve have been ratified.