Te Reo Māori to be available for all

An Auckland wide cross-sector group is calling for Te Reo Māori for all New Zealanders. This proposal comes upon the recent release of the draft reo strategy doing its rounds with Māori Affairs Minister to the end of next week, and they ask also to be included in the strategy.

Commets Auckland is an organisation who have been working in partnership with the Auckland City Council, the overseers of the social and cultural symmetry of NZ's largest city, through strategy and education. They believe it's time that all New Zealander's jump aboard the reo Māori waka to ensure its survival.

The CEO of Commets, Susan Warren believes the Minister of Māori Affairs' draft reo strategy needs to incorporate a more 'Kiwi' inclusive line, if it's going to have any real effect on reo outcomes going forward.

Susan has asked the Minister and decision-making bodies take more precaution about the wider implications of the strategy. Says Susan that a more inclusive approach needs to be taken in order to ensure the further development, promotion and ultimate sustainance of the language.