The 'Sour Toe' cocktail

By Heeni Brown

[NB:  Warning!  Some viewers may find the pictures in this report offensive.]

A bar in Dawson City, Canada, serves a drink that can leave an extra sour taste in the mouths of its patrons.  The bar serves the legendary 'Sour Toe' cocktail, a shot of alcohol that comes with a mummified human toe.

The rules are the toe must touch the drinkers' lips, but it isn't meant for consumption, and there is a fine if it is swallowed.

Josh from New Orleans, America has consumed this big toe in a cocktail known as the 'Sour Toe'. 

The thing is, people aren't to consume it, but just touch their lips to the big toe.

It's a 40 year tradition in the making.

Now, 60,000 have now joined the Sour Toe Club.

There's only a few times the lone toe, resting on a pile of margarita salt, can be handled before it starts to deteriorate.

Now the hotel is looking for toe donations.

As well as that, they've even launched a Facebook contest worth $5000.

While the fine has risen from $500 to $2500 for consuming a toe here, there's no doubt people will still come from a far to try this extraordinary custom.