Report released on earning potential of uni qualifications

A successful career is what should be sought.  This from the Associate Minister of Education after a list that ranks the earning potential of various university qualifications was released.

The list came from the Ministry of Education in a report released this week called 'Moving On Up'.

It compares the earnings of graduates from a number of different fields of study, giving potential students a frank outlook on their earning potential in different careers.

Data from the list indicates that five years after graduation, a medicine graduate will be earning three times more than a creative arts graduate.

However, Dr Pita Sharples says the data shouldn't be the primary consideration.

He says, " We already knew that a degree in medicine leads to a higher salary than other degrees would.

So I think the important thing is that you follow your dreams in terms of your career path.

If you can, head to university and work towards graduating with a degree."

Reporter:  Piripi Taylor