Recommendations suggest restricting alcohol advertising and sponsorship

By Te Kāea

The Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship has made 14 recommendations to further restrict alcohol advertising and sponsorship. This comes after more needed to be done to reduce alcohol-related harm. 

These recommendations are grouped to support three objectives:

- reducing youth exposure through sponsorship
- reducing youth exposure through advertising
- strengthening the current system of co-regulation.

The forum completed its review and provided its report to the Associate Minister of Health and Minister of Justice in October.  

Its principle concern was identifying opportunities to influence and prevent alcohol-related harm, especially for young and vulnerable people.

Justice Minister, Amy Adams says “The Forum’s report raises a number of questions, particularly around understanding the full effect of the proposals which the forum themselves note they have been unable to consider.These issues will need to be addressed before Ministers can properly consider the recommendations."

Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunn also states that it was now important to consult with organisations and community groups interested in this issue to ensure the Forum's findings are fully assessed.