NZ Māori men take top honours at Oceania Indigenous Cup Tag competition

By Tamati Tiananga

The NZ Māori Open means team were crowned the this years Oceania Indigenous Cup Champions at the weekend.

It was a tough encounter against the Australian based Lebanon side, but NZ Māori came out on top to win in a drop off 7 ot 6

Tensions were high as both sides performed their traditional war dance before the finals began 

The invitational Australian Lebanese side dotted over first

In the game the NZ Maori scored two 2 point tries and one 1 point try

While Lebanon scored one 2 point try and three 1point tires 

The regular game was a Draw 5/5 at full time to go into drop off reducing teams to five players per side

Lebanon scored first.

But the New Zealand Māori side hit back with two tries, this is a second to seal the victory