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Northland Film Director set to take NZ by storm

By Te Kāea

Its brutal, it’s raw, and it’s all about violence.

Upcoming NZ feature film, ‘Let There Be Violence’ is rapidly developing traction around New Zealand.

The film follows the life of an underground prize fighter who gets mixed up with the wrong gangsters.

Whangarei born and bred Film Director, Isaac Bell, possesses all the traits of his award winning idol ‘Quentin Tarantino.’  The 26 year-old has already produced and directed various videos for people all over Northland and NZ.

Mr Bell grew inspiration for the film from the likes of movies such as Goodfellas, Scarface, Snatch, Fight club, Casino and Pulp fiction.

The film will screen some of NZ’s finest Māori performers including, Troy Kingi, David Wikaira-Paul and Facebook sensation Jimi Jackson.

Bell recognises the amount of talent Northland produces and strongly feels it should be utilised.  The majority of his films crew/cast members will be sourced locally.

While he is still in the process of obtaining the necessary funding for the film, the plan for production to commence is currently February 2015.

There is no doubt he aims to make his mark on NZ with the release of his new film. 

For more information, visit the film's Facebook page Let There Be Violence.