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Native Affairs Summer Series - Catalan Experts - Make te reo Māori compulsory

Ever wonder what Aotearoa would be like if te reo Māori was compulsory?  Mandatory in all schools and for official use.  If Catalonia in Spain is anything to go by, it will be a truly uplifting experience.  More than four million people -  half the region’s population - now speak the Catalan language which was made compulsory only three decades ago.  

Native Affairs – Why aren’t we talking about Suicide?

The grim news was delivered today, 579 New Zealanders took their own lives between July 2015 and June this year. It's the same number as the Eketahuna district population. If they all died suddenly - how would we react? We'd be appalled, shocked, horrified. The Government would act. So, why isn't there more of an uproar to the fact 579 kiwis killed themselves? Comedian and Metal health advocate Mike King joins Native affairs in the studio.

Native Affairs – Pledge Sledge

Ten years ago it was 'Kiwi Not Iwi'. Today, it's 'Hobson's Pledge', and takes its inspiration from Governor Hobson's quote upon signing the Treaty Of Waitangi - 'He iwi tahi tatou' We are one people. The same man, former National Party leader Don Brash, is behind both campaigns. Ward Kamo caught up with Mr. Brash and his co-spokesperson Casey Costello from Ngāpuhi.

Native Affairs – Picture this

Ngā Aho Whakaari - it means the "strands of many visions". It's the name given to the body supporting Māori working in screen production. At the weekend Ngā Aho Whakaari celebrated 20 years' of achievement. We caught up with some of the industry's legends before they took to the red carpet.

Native Affairs

Tonight on Native Affairs: "Why aren't we talking about suicide?" with Mike King, Mussel Up, Making Babies reported by Renee Iosefa, and Terror Tours.