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Stories from Māori Television's flagship current affairs show, Native Affairs.

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Native Affairs – 1967 Yes Book

A look into the Australia's historical 1967 referendum. The nation was asked to vote whether they supported a law change to include aboriginal rights in the Constitution. It was an overwhelming YES vote and another step towards reconciliation.
Fifty years later, a Melbourne-based author is trying to explain the historic changes to children, using the language kids know best - a picture book about friendship.

Native Affairs – Body Obsession

Dale Henry Ramos

Gisborne hairdresser Dale Henry Ramos has one of the most extensive Barbie collections in Aotearoa – with more than 1000 dolls. But despite all the fun that playing with Barbies can bring, Dale has also had to overcome a rare condition called body dysmorphic disorder, where sufferers have an obsession about the way they look.

Native Affairs – Aboriginal Men’s Movement

Tjilirra Men's Movement

Tonight on Native Affairs, we head to remote Central Australia where a men's programme was created to reconnect indigenous youth with their cultural traditions.  The Tjilirra Men's Movement has also been endorsed by the legendary Flying Doctors service as a way of helping men deal with mental health. 

Native Affairs Summer Series - Catalan Experts - Make te reo Māori compulsory

Ever wonder what Aotearoa would be like if te reo Māori was compulsory?  Mandatory in all schools and for official use.  If Catalonia in Spain is anything to go by, it will be a truly uplifting experience.  More than four million people -  half the region’s population - now speak the Catalan language which was made compulsory only three decades ago.  

Native Affairs

On Native Affairs tonight we have Henrietta's Baby, Barbies, Tjilirra Men's Movement, and Christina Asher.