Topic: Health

Māori health orgs seek ways to decrease alarming stats

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

NZ's annual public health conference is being held in New Plymouth with Māori health organisations coming together to find strategies to decrease alarming Māori health statistics, but Moana Jackson and Annette Sykes say the key is educating Māori about all aspects of health.

It comes as no surprise that Māori are at the top of the statistics for poor health, but there are many contributing factors.

Annette Sykes says relying on government initiatives like Whānau Ora isn't sustainable. 

While Māori have the worst health statistics across all sectors, Annette Sykes challenges Māori to help themselves before looking to a government handout.

The conference will go on until Thursday, and these Māori health experts will continue to search for the answer to our declining health.