Topic: NZ Music

Kora releases new video "Carolina"

By Heta Gardiner

Today KORA released their new video online to the masses. Carolina is the name of the video that follows a theme of addiction. Having videos released online is something KORA fans will be seeing a lot of in the future.

Lead singer Fran Kora says, “Carolina is a metaphor for an addiction. Whether it be a person, a substance or even as far as your subconscious. Or people these days are always on their cell phones, always on Facebook.”

Releasing videos online is something that we are likely to see a lot of from KORA in the future.

“The need for a full album is just not there anymore because people just aren't buying albums. So we've just played to release a lot of singles.”

Even with Fran in promotion mode for his new video he found time to share his love for music with special needs students at Pakuranga Collage, they were pinning for some old school KORA.

But someone that might not be cheering at the timing of the video release is Maisey Rika.

“Did you know that you're releasing your video on the same day Maisey Rika is releasing her new album? Competition on aye? Oh far sorry sis! I totally forgot about that! I'm on that album too.”

KORA plan on touring in Kachafire, Sons of Zion and Aaradhna 2017.