Judicial review hearings end today

By Harata Brown

Today the Judicial Review hearing held at the Auckland High Court, in which the Independent Māori Statutory Board was a respondent ended.

The response of the board to the case brought forth by Willie Jackson after his failed attempt to gain an urban Maori position on the Board was that the nominations for Tony Kake, who was appointed as an urban Maori Board member, had the support of Auckland Mātāwaka groups.

Counsel for the Independent Maori Statutory Board claimed that 4 nominations for Tony Kake provided mātāwaka views.

The crux of the case before the High Court today, challenges the process the Selection Body undertook in appointing Tony Kake as one of 2 mātāwaka representatives for the Independent Māori Statutory Board instead of Willie Jackson, CEO of the Manukau Urban Maori Authority, although Jackson, in his application, provided supporting documentation from numerous Urban Māori groups in Auckland.

According to Counsel for Willie Jackson, Te Kani Williams “there's no discussion about the applicant (Tony Kake) at all that's apparent in that particular passage or the views that those Maori Auckland Communities might have had of that applicant”

John Tamihere, is the second appointed Urban Māori representative on the Board. He says this case highlights the inconsistent processes in appointing Urban Māori representatives to the Board.

“What we should be allowed to do is, what the iwi groups do, have a pre-selection range of hui where we measure the support for certain candidates”

Counsel for the Minister of Māori Affairs closed his submission, with the view, that the Minister does not need to play a role in the selection process although this issue is before the judiciary.

A reserved decision made by the High Court will be announced in due time, however, Urban Māori representative John Tamihere says this will not be the final case like this that will be brought before the court.