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Māori Television reports on the lead-up to the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti by-election, and other relevant stories.

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Parekura's aunt shares secret to his success

It's usually those working in the background who are the driving forces behind one's success.

Since the late Parekura Horomia's passing, many have pondered the secret behind his ability to hold the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti seat since its inception in 1999.


Nā Raihania concession

The Māori Party candidate for Ikaroa-Rāwhiti, Nā Raihania says while he was disappointed with the number of votes he received, he and his supporters are in high spirits.


Mana Party candidate concession

Te Hāmua Nikora of the Mana Party has congratulated Meka Whaitiri and says he is happy to see that in a race with some talented and strong contenders he managed to come in second.