Historical event honoured in Pilsen

By Dean Nathan

Scenes that hark back to the arrival of the Americans and Allied forces on this very spot to liberate the people of Pilsen.

Veterean soldier, Reuben Scheetzel says, "I can't describe it, it's brings back the tears a little bit remembering my buddies that didn't make it home.  They weren't able to come here 70 years later - I'm just thankful."

This festival presents an opportunity to showcase all the styles and clothing of the period and all the wartime music.

Pilsen mayor Martin Zrzavecky says, "It's remembering freedom.  It's about being able to celebrate freedom.  It's about being able to commemorate what happened 70 years ago so it's about peace and remembering freedom."

21 American war veterans have returned to Pilsen for the week-long commemorations with the festival winding up on the anniversary day of the liberation on May 6.

Tomorrow, Te Kāea will take a look at other local traditions of the people who call the city of Pilsen home.