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Growing jobs and world economy hot topics at G20 Summit

By Maiki Sherman

Growing jobs and the world economy has topped the agenda at the G20 Summit. 

The forum brings together some of the most powerful world leaders including those of China, Russia and America. 

Every year, thousands of NZers make the move here to Australia for work, many of whom are Māori. 

The question is whether the summit will produce any tangible outcomes that will be enough to entice NZers home and keep them there.

The Rātana family, originally from Kaitaia, have been living in Brisbane for seven years, two of which have been spent running their Crossfit gym. 

Ex-pat Wiremu Rātana says, "A lot of Māori move here for work, that's the only reason, to make enough money for their families."

Certainly, there's been an exodus of Māori to Australia for work given the lack of options back home. 

However, the Prime Minister says unemployment figures are dropping in NZ and our economy has been used as an example at the summit. 

Trade regulations have been eased yet again today following the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between NZ and Korea. 

The PM says it will produce a $65mil saving in tariffs in the first year.

For those like the Ratana family, the long-term goal is to move home, but they know that road is a long one.  

Rātana explains, "I really want to move back home, but it's important for me to earn my way and make a living, and I know a lot of Māori feel the same way."

Tomorrow, the G20 leaders will present their official communiqué outlining their plan, which hopes to make the dream a reality.