Goldie paintings to go up for sale

By Wikitōria Day

He was very passionate about Māori ancestors from different iwi. The creative hands of Charles Goldie created numerous paintings in his time, and today bought to light only some of them. They are Atama Pāpārangi of Te Rarawa, Hera Puna from Ngāti Whanaunga and Wiripine Ninia of Ngāti Awa.

According to the Director of The International Art Centre, Richard Thompson, he says “I think he [Goldie] saw Māori as unique, and very special and that's exactly why he's chosen to use them as subject matter"

Soon, these photos will be taken down from the walls of this art gallery so that they can be sold, however, One of Pourotos main concerns is that no one approached the iwi of Ngāti Awa to speak to them in regards to this issue.

Haami Piripi, chairman of Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa says that at the time his ancestor, Atama Pāpārangi was being painted, it was promised that the family would keep the painting.

Says Haami “To my knowledge, when Atama was being painted it was a big job. It was Goldie who agreed to give one of his paintings to the family of Atama, however, nothing came of that promise.”

There is the hope that these treasures will return to their respected iwi, next week.

However, Mr. Piripi also adds that “we hope that these paintings will remain in New Zealand and not be sold to overseas people, but how do we tell them. However, the hope is that there are laws in place to prevent that from happening.”