Freak rain and wind gusts cause flooding in Northland and Auckland

Northland and Auckland residents were taken by surprise this morning as sudden wind gusts hit the areas. Beginning late last night and causing property damage, huge flooding and power cuts to thousands of homes, Cyclone Ita had truly arrived. One of the worst hit and most populated areas was central Aucklands east coast, and according to long-time residents, they’ve never seen anything like it before.

Nobody was hurt, but power cuts, huge flooding and damage to property in parts of Northland and Auckland lie in the wake as the tail end of Cyclone Ita whips down the country.

Although its calmed right down now, Aucklands’ Tamaki Drive was one of the worst affected by flooding, in some parts of the road water was coming up to peoples waists, hence the closure of the main street and many adjacent roads

That caused huge traffic delays affecting many work-goers this morning.

Cyclone Ita has moved down the country now with severe weather warnings now for Central North Island.